Paid 2 Save Unique Approach To Travel Club Membership

Paid 2 Save Unique Approach To Travel Club Membership
Recently Paid 2 Save presented a very new and unique approach to the travel club membership industry.  Their model provides a very low cost membership.  When you couple that with their access to wholesale prices, it makes travel affordable .  But those who want to promote it as a business find themselves with an income plan that pays well up front.

Few Business Partners are Needed to Make Paid 2 Save Work

I’ve had the opportunity to look at different compensation plans in the industry and have experienced some as well.  When I mapped out Paid 2 Save, I was really impressed at how much you can make with a only a few people in your business.  With only 39, that ‘s 13 people each in 3 separate legs, you make $1,500 a month.  Now somewhere in this set up you have to have brought in 3 of them, that is also not a lot to ask.  This is after all a business.


Paid 2 Save Unique Approach To Travel Club Membership  Another plus is the free 1 month trial for people who are not interested in the business aspect, but want to take advantage of the wholesale travel.  I’ve seen a lowest price guarantee with in the product section.  This is impressive and includes other offerings as well.  The membership includes $100/month shopping dollars.  The location of the member is put into the system and then local deals come up.  It is a simple system.

Paid 2 Save is Simple In All Aspects.

Recently I took the time to look at another opportunity that some friends of mine had asked me to consider.  I have to say that I love simplicity.  And this other offer was so complex in their compensation plan that it gave  me a headache.  After an initial fast start bonus, I also noticed that large number of people were required within a personal organization before any real money was made.  No thank you.  Many people never realize these large numbers and that is what attracted me to Paid 2 Save, the small numbers to make a reasonable income.  With 39 people, that is a yearly income of $18,000 US.

The cost to start and maintain this business is also very low and affordable.  Sometimes I do not understand how people fail to see this.

Paid 2 Save is a good home business with a product that can save members a lot of money in the top industry in the world, the travel industry.  Why not see if this is a good fit for you.  It is my 3rd business and I feel it compliments my other 2 beautifully.

If you would like to look at some videos and more info, check out this landing page I did using ARI: CLICK HERE

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