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This is me in Feb. 2013 Welcome to my Personal Finances page. Here I will be giving you links to great resources to enhance your ability to take care of yourself…and think and grow rich.

I am also in a business that has financial education training.  For more info:  CLICK HERE   You will also find info about it in this website.

Here’s an interesting post on Why the Rich are so Rich: CLICK HERE

The following is a free pdf file from the Consumer’s Almanac that will:
1) help you organize your financial life
2) plan for the future
3) manage your credit wisely

Joyce Meyer Ministries has a Christian perspective on Finances: CLICK HERE

Gail Vaz Oxlade…Canadian Financial Expert:

One of my favorite basic Financial experts is Canadian Gail Vaz Oxlade.
She has a number of TV shows that help couples from low to high income
who are drowning in debt. Her straight forward style and excellent advice
will help you with personal budgeting.

Gail has a blog:
loaded with info and a chance to buy her books too.


And the one that I know a lot about is this one:
Start a Home Based Business:
This is what she says:

“Start a business from your home, however small, and all kinds of expenses will become tax deductible. From phone costs to internet access, from snow removal to plumbing repairs, you’ll be able to claim at least a portion of those expenses against your business income.”

A home based Business like an MLM home business is another legitimate
way of making money, just like a traditional job, or investing.
It just has specific ways in which the income is generated.

One of the really interesting things about one of the Home based Businesses I’m in
is that it also has Financial you are learning about how to save money,
how to make money, and you are also earning money by doing the home business.
It qualifies for being a simple affordable way to have a Home Based Business.



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