Simple Home Based Business Can Replace Second Job

A couple of days ago I was quite effected by an ABC 20/20 presentation about people needing 2 – 3 jobs to make ends meet and was struck by the thought that a simple home based business can replace  second job.  I was saddened by the presentation of people having to do so much to make ends meet that they had no time to enjoy life.  This is unacceptable.  Some people were even travelling several hours a day to and from work.  This is no life.

Home Based Business Works

What if these people could work on a home based business while they are in this trap.  They could talk with others they work with to get things going and see if they can help their co workers get out of this trap too.  That would be a great start to improving this.

Simple Home Based Business Can Replace Second Job

Having been in the home based business industry for several years, I know that when people put an effort into a  good business, this can bring home the extra income needed to make up the difference, all with part time hours.  I wondered if the people in the show had even been exposed to this industry.  The next question is how to find them to have a chance to show them what is possible.  Then they can make an educated decision if this is what they would like to do.

It also makes me wonder how many of us in home based businesses are having the courage to talk with people we know who are in this situation.  What would happen if someone did take time to look at a business, made the decision to do it and it worked out for them.  This would contribute to improving the life of this person and their family as well as improving the situation of the person who introduced them to a business. It’s win/win.

Look For A Simple Business

There are businesses where finding only 4 people to be in the business and having these people also do this and it continued down the line, would make a huge difference.  Think about it, don’t most people know 4 others who would also know 4 others etc.  Too me this is so few people and so little effort for something that can help so much.  This is what I mean as an example of a simple business can replace second job.  Is it worth it?  I think so.  Can this happen?  Yes, when the people involved take it seriously enough to put in the work necessary to reach their personal goal.

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