Some people claim you can do well in business without training, but that is like going out in a snow storm without a jacket…


I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take time to learn how to do the network marketing business.  You can earn while you learn, but you still have to put effort into training if you want to get better results.

…learn so you can achieve better in a shorter period of time

Your goal is to invite people to look at some information and if they like what they see,  take it further.  Doing 3 way calls is a good way to go because then you have someone else who is the “expert” answering questions and inviting people to join the group.  Introducing another business partner into the mix also shows that is is not a one man show.

I am in one thing where you do not have access to people’s phone numbers so this approach does not work well, but generally it works very well.  I have special training for this business too,  password protected.

On this website I have provided valuable training on different aspects of the travel business I’m in.  It is also password protected, so if you want to work with me or one of my business partners, you will have full access.

One important point I want to make is that it can take time to get your business going, so I recommend that you make a commitment to do it for at least 6-9 months to give it a real chance.  Otherwise you are shortchanging yourself.

Make training a top priority and you will find it was well worth it.  

If you one of my personal business partners or connected to me through them, welcome and I hope the training provided will be helpful and useful.

Remember…it is up to you to make this work, there is support, but you must do your part.

I’ve heard that if you treat your business as if you spent 1 Million dollars getting it, you  will have the right attitude about putting the effort necessary to succeed.

Welcome Aboard!!!