Wholesale Travel

The travel industry is the top industry in the world with trillions of dollars spent every year, and being able to do  wholesale travel is something most people would love to have access to.

Recently I came across a travel club membership that is only $12.95/month.  There is access to hundreds of dollars of savings.   You can book accommodations, air, car, cruises and activities all over the world from the travel booking portal.  And there is also a $100 in shopping dollars  included. This is for special daily deals, local deals on food, entertainment and other items.  I was pleasantly surprised at the value of this membership.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take a look at this live demo of how this wholesale travel club works:

Real life Example of the Savings in Wholesale Travel…

On a recent corporate update the presenter had an example from a guy we both know that showcased the wholesale aspect and lowest price offering.  He was planning to attend a business conference in Florida.  The normal hotel rate was $1400 for the stay if  he booked it on his own.  The business negotiated a group rate of $1200, which is somewhat better.  Now, there are other travel businesses out there and he had someone tell him they could get him a rate of $960.  But, he found out that with the wholesale travel he was able to get it for $869.  That is the best price and $531 less than the original hotel rate.

This is a brief 5 minute overview for those who don’t have time at this moment to enjoy a full presentation:


For the entrepreneur type, the travel membership is included in the business package.  The following presentation gives a great overview of how this can work.  One thing that I found impressive was that in many businesses, a lot of people are needed in the organization before good money is realized.  Not with this wholesale travel club business.  With just a few people, $1,500/month income is possible and that is $18,000 extra per year.  The monthly cost to be in business is affordable for most people.


Wholesale travel, this is the best way to do it.  If you like to travel, like to save money and if you like to make money, this is for you.  After you go here, just click on where you live to access full details:  30 day free trial for the club!

Wholesale Travel


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